About Szabo's

A Background In Hospitality

Mark Szabo was born and raised in New Jersey. He attended and graduated from Georgia Southern University. While in college he made the great decision to major in hospitality. His very first job in the restaurant business was at Burger King making a whopping  $3.35 hr. He was discovered by a customer while working at Burger King and recruited to wait tables at a popular seafood restaurant. That was the move that propelled him to want to be in restaurants. Mark went on to graduate and got his first management job with Houlihans.

I wanted to start with Houlihans in New Jersey. And did! That started my career. I've worked as kitchen manager and general manager at several other companies after Houlihans. 

Mark has lived in 12 states with a total of 25 moves. He's worked for several big companies such as Cucina Cucina, Chart House, Red & Jerry's, and Dave & Busters.

Built On A Handshake

As Mark began growing tired of the corporate game and weary of all the moving, he bought a computer in 2002 and started the search for his own place. Mark was married and had two little girls, ages 3 and 1, at the time. His wife had family in Oregon and so he focused there.

I focused on Oregon and found my restaurant in Newport. On a handshake, I left Ohio where I worked for Dave and Buster's, and never looked back.

Mark has owned Szabo's for 17 years and had an incredible LOVE of being an entrepreneur.

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